Session Info

LET'S  TALK ABOUT OUR SESSIONS - We're here to help you pick the best session for you and to help your senior bring all the things that make you, you!! Give us a call.

Senior sessions must be photographed between May 1 and Sept 1, 2017, and we're scheduling appointments M-F, 10am-4pm, evenings and weekends by appointment. We have a great studio, full of backgrounds and great props all geared to our seniors! If you choose the session that includes outdoor portraits, (our most popular session, since kids love being outside and we do too!) we have numerous outdoor sets including brick walls, white wash walls, grass, trees and Glastonbury's Downtown Business District and Fountain.

We offer 5 Senior Portrait Session options to choose from. All sessions booked through our studio start with your yearbook pose photographed complimentary. With any studio session, we prepare your yearbook image and submit your selected yearbook image complimentary, with the purchase of any package.  Each  of our studio/location sessions are customized to fit your needs with options for indoor sets, outdoor sets and on location options, depending on the session you select. Pick a session that works for you and feel free to call us for advice. We ask each senior to fill out our Survey, above, so we can get to know them before we photograph, so we can tell their story.

If you have not professionally photographed your children all together in a few years or you have not had a professional family portrait taken recently, consider adding the siblings or the family to your senior's session! A $50 fee applies to add siblings or family, and we Add Siblings free to your session in JUNE and JULY. The $50 fee for siblings is waived. Everyone should have portraits of all their children or their family to enjoy, once the kids start to leave home!


FOR GIRLS: We recommend that you choose a solid color dark LONG SLEEVE top with jewelry that's special to your senior. Styles that photograph beautifully are LONG SLEEVE/HALF SLEEVE  solid color round necks, ballet necks, and scoop neck knit tops. Bare arms are not recommended, as your eye will go to your arms, not your pretty face. We suggest you choose a black or navy color top for your yearbook pose, it's a head & shoulder portrait. This is of course your choice, we've just found dark colors compliment girls best against the blue yearbook background.  Pearls are a great accent, and if you have jewelry that has meaning to you, suggest your daughter wear it. Please stay away from spaghetti straps, tank tops, strapless tops/dresses, bare shoulders and casual wear. This is a photograph that your daughter will show her children one day! Choose timeless clothing that will never go out of style.

FOR BOYS: We recommend oxford shirts with a tie, and navy blazer or suit jacket. Pick one of dad's ties, grandpa's ties or one of  his own. Don't forget, yearbook photos last a lifetime, so we suggest kids look their best. We recommend a blue or lightly patterned oxford shirt, white shirts do tend to look bright in a portrait and detract from the face. Avoid short sleeves, stripes, plaids and t-shirts and DON'T FORGET TO SHAVE!. Since the yearbook background is a rich blue, select shirts/jackets that will work with the blue background. Also, IF YOU CAN'T TIE A TIE, HAVE DAD TIE THE TIE AND PUT IT ON A HANGER. If you forget, we know how to tie ties!!

If you need advice, call or email us, we're here to help! With all our studio sessions, you will have the opportunity to choose which image goes into the yearbook.

Book your session with confidence! All sessions carry our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with your portrait images, we will gladly re-photograph your child. This rarely happens though!


SUMMER YEARBOOK ONLY PHOTO DAY. No session fee. Offered July 12th and August 9th 2017. Photographed in the 'school photo day' style, at our 17 Hebron Avenue studio, for yearbook pose only, this is for families who want to purchase a yearbook package. Yearbook package purchase is collected when you book this session.

THE BASIC SESSION/ $45 and a $40 portrait deposit due at Session Booking, that will be applied to your Portrait Order. Yearbook Outfit Only.

The basic session is a 15 minute indoor session that includes photographing your complimentary yearbook pose in your yearbook outfit only and then poses with the yearbook background only, as 15 minutes is too short to change backgrounds and clothes. All photographs will be taken at our studio located at 17 Hebron Avenue. Please come prepared because 15 minutes goes by really fast. This session is short though, so if you want extra time to relax, please select the Be All That session or better yet, the Inside/Out Session. We'll make sure you look great!


THE BE ALL THAT SESSION/ $65 and a $75 portrait deposit due at Session Booking, that will be applied to you Portrait Order. Yearbook Outfit and One Additional Outfit. Yearbook Background.

This session is a 30 minute indoor session that includes photographing your complimentary yearbook pose. All photographs will be taken at our studio located at 17 Hebron Avenue.  It is best to organize each outfit into a total look such as preselecting shoes, jewelry, and any other accessories you love to go with your specific clothing.  Arrive with your clothing on hangers and attach your accessories in individual bags with each outfit. This will allow you to be completely organized and you won't forget anything!  If you are late to your session, you will lose that time in front of the camera. Your session will flow better, and you will optimize your time allowance. Get ready to have some fun in our camera room!!


THE INSIDE-OUT SESSION/ $100 - and a $100 Portrait Deposit ~ MOST POPULAR, and OUR FAVORITE SESSION since it gives us lots of time and you'll LOVE being outdoors! A $100 portrait credit is due when you book your session and will be applied towards your Portrait Order.

This session is Up to 60 minutes -an indoor and outdoor session that includes photographing your complimentary yearbook pose.  This is the ideal session because it give our seniors time to relax and look natural. It's great for girls and it gives boys great sets to lean on, so they feel relaxed. All photographs will be taken at our studio located at 17 Hebron Avenue. This is our favorite session, because it allows us to go outside and play among old cars, tall grasses, trees, brick buildings and fire escapes, as well as inside in our beautiful loft studio! Most seniors can manage 3-4 outfit changes during this time frame if you change quickly. Some of your portraits will be close up, others will be full length, so plan outfits accordingly and assume we will see your feet in every pose, so bring great shoes or go barefoot too! Remember to arrive organized. Your clothes should be hung, with matching accessories, and coordinating shoes and jewlery. We are here to make this experience one you will treasure forever. We will have a blast, and you will remember this session forever!


THE ON-LOCATION SESSION  $150 Out & About in Glastonbury, with a $250 Portrait Deposit    $250 Out & About Hartford Area with a $400 deposit to be applied toward your portrait session.   $350 Out & About CT Shore with a $500 portrait deposit to be applied toward your portrait order.  $450 Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Rhode Island Shore and Maine Coast and $600 Portrait Deposit.

This includes up to 60 minutes of photography time on location. This session includes your complimentary yearbook pose. We'll hit the road for portraits at the location of your choice in Glastonbury, the Hartford area or the CT Shoreline/beach. Choose a location special to you! We have our favorite garden, orchard and riverfront locations, where we can go to take beautiful portraits in the town you grew up in. We also have CT Shore beach access too. Check out our senior galleries, located here on the blog, to see examples of location sessions. For $50, you can include your siblings or your whole family too!  You can even bring the dog!

YEARBOOK PHOTO ONLY SESSION/Complimentary -  Taken at GHS during the School Day - July 12th and August 9th 2017  Exact Date TBA once school year starts September 2017. Yearbook Only Photos will be taken complimentary at GHS during the school day in September 2017 in a school picture day setup.  EB Taylor Photography is the exclusive photographer of your child's yearbook image that appears in the 2018 yearbook. The yearbook photograph will be a head and shoulders pose, with a blue background. With this Yearbook Only option, the studio selects your yearbook pose, and retouching is not included.

If you would like to select your pose for the yearbook, with the Yearbook Photo Only option,  you will be able to view and select  your photograph online for $30, tax included. This $30 will be collected ON PICTURE DAY, Cash Only, at GHS at School Photo Day. Retouching is also available for an additional $10 (tax included), bring $10 cash to photo day if you want your yearbook image retouched.